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April 20, 2010


By Rob Kall

a brief first crack at the small step of describing the idea of this website.


There are big acts, like acts of congress. They happen rarely. But there are billions of small acts that happen every day. Billions!!

Some of them are acts of kindness, courage, boldness, sacrifice. Some are rebellious, some cause change, some preserve integrity, some are acts of philanthropy or other kinds of giving.

Some are well thought out. Some are impulsive. Some go into the universe with good intention and little happens. Some catch wing and, almost magically, touch someone, cast light, open a door, and change the whole world. And though there are billions of these small acts happening every day, we can't have too many and it doesn't hurt to celebrate and honor those that have made a difference.

Some make massive differences. Some simply brighten one person's moment. Some accidentally save lives. Some unknowingly inspire others to do far bigger, greater things. You never can tell. That's part of the beauty of small acts.

The thing is, you can't and shouldn't perform or do small acts because of the potential that something really big will happen. It might, and you never know, but you do small acts for other reasons.

The website was conceived after its founders encountered a few stories about small acts that produced incredibly big outcomes.

The goal is to inspire people to do the little things, the small acts that have, throughout history, made huge changes happen. The goal is to honor, to thank and recognize people who have performed small acts that made a difference, that were acts of kindness.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." Howard Zinn

I honestly believe the future's going to be millions of little things saving us. Pete Seeger on Democracy Now

Some of the kinds of small acts that we'd like to see described in articles, diaries, even tweets.

acts of kindness
acts of inspiration
impulsive acts
acts of rebellion
acts of change
acts of courage
acts of philanthropy
acts of sacrifice
acts of boldness
experimental acts
risk, caring, callings, children, animals,
effects of acts
thanks for acts

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