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#1 4/22/2010 Too Bad It's Earth Day. (Sherry Mann) It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the 40th celebration of Earth Day, will once again only touch upon the tip of the iceberg concerning our shared Titanic course. What I challenge you to do today is to do more than so many million green acts"These may be a nice exercise, but our problems require far more from ALL of us.
#2 4/21/2010 Hundreds of Promising LIttle Projects Bring Hope to Africa (Bernard Pollack) Written by Bernard Pollack of, this article highlights some agricultural innovations from across Africa.1 1 Comment Count
#3 4/21/2010 Time To Declare War on BIG; America Needs Giant Killers (Rob Kall) In the real world, biological limitations prevent bigness from getting out of control. Sure, whales are big, but humans can't grow too big or they die young, if they survive at all, whether we're talking about gigantism or profound obesity. Corporate gigantism is also deadly-- but for humans, not for corporations.
#4 4/20/2010 You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (Jim Donovan) If you want to stop outsourcing, shop locally and support small business.6 6 Comment Count
#5 4/20/2010 Why (Rob Kall) a brief first crack at the small step of describing the idea of this website.3 3 Comment Count
#6 4/20/2010 A Small Act Helped Inspire Daniel Ellsberg and His Release of THE PENTAGON PAPERS (Rob Kall) one man, an unknown protester, inspired one of the most courageous whistleblowing acts in history-- an act that helped end the Viet Nam war.

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